CMO in your back pocket
You have the vision. But you're stuck at 30k feet. Let's work together to define your goals and develop a strategy to drive your business' growth.  Whether around a big milestone or a big idea, let's develop: 
  • Launch strategy & plans
  • Business development & partnerships
  • Branding best practices
  • Pitch deck refinement, messaging & practice
You've developed a great product, marketing collateral, and have a few customers. But something's still missing. How do you get the rest of the world to come to you? I can help you with:  
  • Messaging frameworks
  • Thought leadership mapping
  • PR campaign planning
  • Rolling PR collateral development
  • Focused social media best practices
You got the memo. You've hired someone or been burning the midnight oil to stockpile content. Now, where are you going to put it all? Make sure the right people see it? Oh, and land on the right page on your site? Let's develop plans that focus on: 
  • Target audience segmentation
  • Partnership collaborations
  • Marketing funnel tracking
  • Focused marketing channels

Photo Credit: Natalie Franke Hayes

Best Practice Experience And Agile Application, At Your Fingertips.
Working closely with dozens of startups, their founders and teams, I've seen, hustled through, and learned alongside many people in your shoes. Developing and executing on plans, and then all too often - up at 1am from a hotel room at another conference - turning a big, hairy challenge into an gleaming opportunity. 
Having also worked with many large, global brands, I've learned and led teams through best practice scenarios from start to finish as well. Through it all, I've gained a volume of experience and trained my hustle to work for you.
I can't wait to get started on your latest challenge. Let's talk. 

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